SIL Hebrew Font System is a pre-Unicode or “legacy” font system

SIL Hebrew Font System is a pre-Unicode or “legacy” font system. It provides a means of working with biblical Hebrew texts in an encoding created by SIL in 1995. These fonts are superceded by Unicode-encoded Hebrew fonts, such as Ezra SIL.
- Support for Biblical Hebrew, in the traditional square style of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, 1983 edition.
- Support for vowels and cantillation marks with width variants. The non-GX version contains only four vowel width sets and fewer cantillation sets due to the 256-character limitation.
- Full, unambiguous representation of linguistic elements, such as the shewas and mater lectionis, allowing for linguistic analysis of texts.
- Automatic contextual support for vowels, cantillation marks, and final forms when using Keyman keyboard utility and included keyboard files. Use of the keyboard files also discourages incorrect character combinations being entered into a document.

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